About Us

Our mission at Giggles Preschool and Daycare is to create a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment, rich in opportunities to explore, construct, and extend learning in all areas. It is out goal to give each child the opportunity to grow and develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically by providing the appropriate materials and activities.

We strive to provide not only excellent child care, but to offer children various age appropriate materials.  Each day your child will be given the use of art, music, books, language, science, blocks, puzzles, movement, dramatic play and various computer programs.

Our respect for the children will be visible in the way we talk with them, give choices in play, and offer challenging and varied learning experiences. Our program is designed to help young children develop a positive self-image, and to stimulate self-confidence and independence.

Children learn in many ways, a concept some do not understand. Children learn by exploring, touching, feeling, hands on projects and experimenting. It is important parents and teachers allow children to develop at their own pace. Through play they will begin to develop all the skills and concepts they need before entering Kindergarten while still experiencing that learning can be fun.